Appi Kogen Ski Resort 20-21 Season

Glide & play with the finest snow quality

APPI QUEST PARKIntroducing a world-class snow park!
Direct IN to the slopes with an ONLINE WEB ticket!
Great value for residents of 6 prefectures in Tohoku, Japan! Lift ticket price lower!

The best snow quality that is as good as in Hokkaido and the fun of the long ski course.
Experience the powder run.

A variety of slopes where you can enjoy the floating feeling on the powder runs, the exhilaration on compacted slopes, and various ways of sliding. Everything about gliding is exceptional in Appi Kogen.

Appi Kogen Ski Resort is a big ski slope that represents Tohoku with a total of 21 courses and a total gliding distance of 43,100 m. Appi Kogen is located next to Hachimantai which is Japan’s largest frost-covered trees area at 40 degrees north latitude, boasts a course layout centered on north-facing slopes.You can fully enjoy the finest snow quality “powder snow” with low humidity due to this blessed location.The tree run zone is also substantial, 6 areas !The lift gate system has been converted to an IC and supports online payments in advance, enabling speedy slope IN.


Finally, Asia greatest snow park “APPI QUEST PARK” is born.

Appi Quest Park has been closed for 2020-21 season.

A snow park designed by popular park builder Charles Beckinsale (The Stomping Grounds), who is sweeping the freestyle skiing and snowboarding park scene around the world, is born at Appi Kogen Ski Resort as “APPI QUEST PARK” this season! Smooth takeoff and landing with a good balance of angle and length. With a long lip and a kicker designed so that the center of gravity is less likely to be behind the board, you will be able to experience a pleasant air that you have never felt before. In addition, safety is taken into consideration so that the speed does not increase too much when landing. It is a world-class, safe and highly practice efficient snow park not only for a top professional, but also for beginners to intermediates.

  • Business hours / 10:00-16:00
  • Location / PRO LINE (paid area) Open until 7th April 2021:Shirakaba slope (between gondola and1st pair lift)
    PUBLIC PARK (free area) Open until 11th April 2021:Shirakaba slope (the side of Hotel Appi Grand, the right side of Central Quad lift)
  • Where to buy the season ticket for the park / APPI HAPPY MALL ticket office
    * For the paid area, you need to buy a season ticket for the park (30,000 yen) in addition to the lift ticket.
    * Please put a sticker on your helmet as a certificate.
    * We do not sell online. Please purchase at the ticket office.
  • About use / Please be sure to wear a helmet when using the park.You must to wear a helmet in the paid area.

Introducing the best snow park in Asia, APPI QUEST PARK, on YouTube!

Mr. Sato, the representative of Quest Park, and Charles Beckinsale, the park builder, are showing the attraction of APPI QUEST PARK on YouTube!


Direct IN to the slopes by purchasing an ONLINE WEB ticket!

Introducing a lift gate system pass by an IC card (electronic lift ticket) for all courses. You can pass through the lift gate just by putting a pre-charged IC card in your pocket. In addition, since advance payment is possible on the WEB, you can smoothly enter the slopes without lining up at the ticket office.
*We do not sell lift tickets for APPI QUEST PARK(PRO LINE) online. Please purchase at the ticket office.


Great value for residents of 6 prefectures in Tohoku, Japan! Lift ticket price lower!

Online sale only! If you live in 6 prefectures in the Tohoku region of Japan (Aomori, Iwate, Akita, Miyagi, Yamagata and Fukushima), you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding with the lift ticket Tohoku discount.
*We do not sell lift tickets for APPI QUEST PARK(PRO LINE) online. Please purchase at the ticket office.

More !
Full of online reservations in this season!

Japan’s leading big slope Appi Kogen Ski Resort has plenty of ski and snowboard rentals and ski schools! From this season, online reservations are possible in advance. No need to waste time for waiting at the reception any more !

Ski / Snowboard rental

The latest models of rental skis and snowboards within 3 years are available in Appi Kogen. A full line-up of “Resort Station +” that handles high-end and new style models. If you make a reservation online, the procedure is easy and reliable! Please come without worry. Just come to Appi Kogen Ski Resort and enjoy skiing and snowboarding with the latest items.

Ski / Snowboard school

Appi Ski & Snowboard School offers lessons with the motto “New, Fun, and Scientific” in response to the evolution and diversification of equipment and changes in the environment with the times. You will improve immediately with good snow quality in Appi Kogen Ski Resort. ※ Reservation required. Due to the limited number of Chinese / English-speaking instructors, we may not always be able to offer lessons in Chinese / English.